Design Team

Our team in Australia will provide all the support in all areas of developing your new 100% bio-degradable bag or bag range. Our simple and effective solutions take the stress out of purchasing Carbon Zero Bags with our experts in India only too happy to design as per your exact requirements and specifications.

Design Process

Our design process begins with you the customer working with one of our product development managers who will assist in determining your exact required product concept. At this stage our factory in India will begin work on a production sample based upon your conceptual outline where they may offer innovative ideas for enhancement before sending the factory sample for approval.


Perfection is our goal with every project that we embark on both in design and customer satisfaction and our day to day research in world fashion markets keeps us abreast of the ever evolving demands of customers and the general fashion public.

Our attention to detail at all stages of production has enabled us to live up to an enviable reputation of delivering optimum quality product on schedule every time.