Cotton Calico Shopping And Promotional Bags

Our calico bags are 100% bio degradable and Carbon Zero, they are the perfect cost effective solution for any practical or promotional requirement while reducing the carbon footprint we leave.

Resist Plastic - Carbon Zero Bag


Calico is used around the world as a safe for food storage and coverings it has a high permeable weave that allows air to flow freely through and also absorbs moisture to avoid food spoilages. Everyone has seen the Ham in the Calico fridge at Christmas time.

Library Bags

With a touch of yesteryear design, we recreate this school yard classic with improved durability and style. Never before has it been more important to relay the eco message to tomorrow’s leaders than with a 100% bio-degradable bag that proves having a conscience can be cool. Available in a range of designs and colours.

What is Calico?

100% bio-degradable Calico is a rough, yet refined, natural fabric made from Cotton.  Calico is commonly used in shopping bags, soft furnishings, fashion, quilting, mining and food industries.

The name Calico comes from the City of Calicut, in the Kerala region of India.

A Little History

  • Calico was originally made by the traditional weavers of Calicut called ‘chaliyans.’
  • England banned the importation, wearing or use of the cloth from India in 1700. This was in an effort to support the English textile industry.
  • There was a ready market for the printed cloth among women at that time who were known as the Calico Madams.
  • In the end the ban could not be sustained. An attempt to impose it came in 1720 with the Calico Act but it was repealed in 1774.
  • The effects of this ban almost destroyed the Indian textile industry.
  • Today calico is the right choice for extensive 100% bio-degradable consumer eco friendly requirements.