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We pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality reusable bags at competitive pricing while not sacrificing superior service. We offer our clients a wide variety of styles in Jute and Calico bags. This allows us to offer a wide assortment of reusable shopping bags solutions to match the expectations of our eco-conscious customers.

Want a customised solution? No problem. You can tailor make your bag and features to match your requirements and budget. Using reusable shopping bags to promote your business tells the world that you are eco-friendly! Promotional reusable bags can receive numerous impressions every day they are in use! That means more potential customers will see your branded bag at the supermarket, on the street, at the beach – just about anywhere a reusable bag will go!

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Using reusable shopping bags to promote your business tells the world that you are eco-friendly!

100% Bio Degradable Bag Solutions

Carbon Zero Bags is a division of Industree Group Pty Limited. Industree is an Australian, family owned global procurement company that is extremely passionate about bringing environmentally responsible products to the market.

In a world slowly being choked by plastic, we bring a breath of fresh air to the reusable bag market in the form of environmentally responsible alternative materials that provide the perfect 100 bio-degradable bag solution for any application.

Carbon Zero

We are a Carbon Zero Certified Company – which means we completely offset our carbon emissions totally eliminating our carbon footprint.

Our manufacturing facility, located in India, is also Carbon Zero Certified which means that by purchasing our calico bags or jute bags you are making an environmentally responsible choice.

Carbon Zero Company

Our Factory

Our manufacturing facility is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of high end calico bags and jute bags. Our range of Carbon Zero Bags are already being exported to Europe, USA, Asia and are making a huge impact in Australian retail market. Our long term goal is to take our environmentally responsible bags to as many countries as possible.

Our Carbon Zero Bags are manufactured in Kolkata, India – known as the city of joy. They are made from natural fibres and are 100% bio-degradable and are truly environmentally friendly.

The factory location in Kolkata is extremely well positioned for international logistics with adequate access to road, air and sea shipping facilities. The workforce is highly skilled using the latest techniques of cutting, stitching and printing done all under one roof which provides smooth transitions between production areas and continuity of processes.

Production capacity has increased over the years to exceed 10 million bags annually.

Our manufacturing plant has been owned by the same family for over 75 years and has built an enviable reputation initially manufacturing commercial calico bags and jute bags for the domestic market in India.

In order to cater to an overwhelming market response & demand for high quality eco-friendly bags, the manufacturing business was drastically expanded in 1998 in order to take the ever diversifying product range to the global market.

The expertise and the manpower acquired by the company through decades of experience produced an excellence in quality and output volumes which could not be equalled by other manufacturers.

Our Team

Our team in Australia are specialists in product development, procurement, importing, warehousing and distribution with intense focus on customer service.

We manage the entire process of developing your required bag design through to delivery into your required destination anywhere in the world.

We can work with you to understand your ongoing supply and replenishment requirements. We can implement a supply management system that ensures your bags are delivered on time and within budget, every time.

We also offer OEM and Private Label Branding.

Why Choose Us?

Environmently Passionate
We are committed to the development of products and services that contribute to an ecologically sustainable future.
Carbon Zero
We are a Carbon Zero Certified. We completely offset our carbon emissions totally eliminating our carbon footprint.
Our Promise
We promise you our service levels are unsurpassed, our quality is unmatched, and our pricing is aggressively* competitive.
We Care
We recognise our responsibilities to workers and the conditions under which our products or services are made or rendered.