We pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality reusable bags at competitive pricing


Why choose Carbon Zero Bags?

Our points of difference begins with our heart-felt dedication to ethical and environmentally responsible practices. Our manufacturing facilities, processes, warehouses and offices are committed to the development of products and services that contribute to an ecologically sustainable future. We recognise our responsibilities to workers and the conditions under which our products and services are made or rendered.



Carbon Zero Bags production facility utilises the latest technological advances in line production technology but also maintains a strong reliance on our workforce, which numbers 200+ staff of hand workers who will combine their vast experience and skills to supply you with exactly your desired product.

We believe that this partnership between man and machine allows us to produce quality eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable Carbon Zero Bags for the market, with the smallest carbon footprint.



Our team in Australia will provide all the support in all areas of developing your new 100% bio-degradable bag or bag range.

Our simple and effective solutions take the stress out of purchasing Carbon Zero Bags with our experts overseas only too happy to design as per your exact requirements and specifications.



Our jute bags are 100% bio-degradable and Carbon Zero. Jute Bags are the perfect cost effective solution for any practical or promotional requirement and, as a bonus, reduce the carbon footprint we leave.

Available in different sizes and weights and with or without extrusion coating, laminated standard or food grade polypropylene with handles in assorted styles.

These Carbon Zero Jute bags are being used all around the globe in place of plastic shopping bags.



Our calico bags are 100 bio-degradable and Carbon Zero.  Calico bags are the perfect cost effective solution for any practical or promotional requirement while reducing the carbon footprint we leave.

Calico has a high permeable weave that allows airflow freely through the bad and also absorbs moisture to avoid food spillages. Calico is used around the world for safe food storage and food coverings, for example at Christmas to preserve and keep our Christmas Hams!

Calico Range of Shapes & Sizes